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About Sherie


Sherie Hawkins

“Joining you in your journey towards your best life possible…”

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Bachelor of Arts Psychology

Master of Science in Professional Counseling

Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision

"Joining You in Your Journey Towards your Best Life Possible.."

Years ago, as I created this phrase to describe what we do at Hope Springs, I held in mind the honor that I feel in being invited into a person’s story.  Whether it is my friend that I wrap in my arms as we process the storms of life, my children as I nurture them towards adulthood, or my clients as I enter into their crossroads moments with them and brainstorm solutions, strengths, and challenges of their chosen road ahead….it is a gift to me.  I cherish those moments because they are fragile, precious demonstrations of vulnerability and trust.  I hold with the highest honor that trust that people have in me as they open up their stories.

I began preparing myself academically to hold skills in joining people in their journeys by graduating from the University of Georgia in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology.  A year later, I began the pursuit of my Master of Science degree in Professional Counseling at Western Carolina University.  While attending WCA, I taught a Study Skills/Introduction to College course to incoming Freshmen.  This was the beginning of my love for teaching!  It would be years before I realized this personal dream, but I now serve as an Adjunct Professor for Adams State University in Colorado educating future Masters level counselors. 

I graduated in 1998 and began working with Sylvan Learning Systems in Atlanta.  This pursuit honed my leadership and management skills as I opened or acquired 15 locations throughout Atlanta and served as Vice President of Operations for over 6 years.  After that time, I felt the pull of individual therapy beckoning again, and returned my focus to therapy-based counseling services.  Throughout the years, this has included leading groups, seminars and workshops on various topics related to personal growth, and conducting individual counseling.  I am a Nationally Certified Counselor, a Licensed Professional Counselor, a Certified Anger Management Specialist, and a Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor.  I completed my Ph.D. in 2014 in a CACREP accredited Ph.D. program in Counselor Education and Supervision through Regent University.  Through this coursework, I honed my counseling skills as well as developed specialized ability in conducting comprehensive and Psycho-sexual evaluations.  Recently, I have received training in EMDR (http://emdria.site-ym.com/?page=emdr_therapy) which is a powerful technique that can help heal trauma, anxiety, and many other psychological issues often with short-term therapy as the norm.  In order to further my modalities to help initiate the healing process, I have also begun training in Yoga Therapy with Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (http://pryt.com/about-pryt/whatispryt/) . 

Over the past few years, I have found myself desiring a more “organic” approach to therapeutic space that we hold for counseling work.  As such, I have begun training in nature-based counseling work, and we will begin offering opportunities for our clients to join us in more natural settings for their sessions as well as to join us on “Quests” and “Retreats”. 

I believe that as we progress through life, we accumulate responsibilities.  As we do this, we often lose our sense of mindfulness regarding our own innate needs…the need for comfort, variety, significance, love, growth, contribution, and belonging.  In essence, we then “lose ourselves”.  Hope Springs was created to help you find yourself again…or maybe discover who you are for the first time.  I have witnessed through the years of working with people as well as in my own life journey, true change tends to occur best when we embrace simpler times…before the pressures of life, noise, and responsibility took over.  True change occurs when we nurture our minds, our bodies, and our spirits.  Given this belief, we will offer our clients many opportunities to engage in grounding activities within our practice so that our clients may revitalize as the innate needs are understood and met.  Then, one has the opportunity to truly find oneself and find balance and harmony