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I came to the counseling profession later in my life. I spent over 30 years working as a professional cosmetologist and salon owner, which is to say that I have probably been “counseling” informally for over thirty years. My focus as a hairstylist and consultant was to help people not just look good but to feel good about the way they look when they see themselves in the mirror. More than enough times, people have shared that there is a very personal, intimate, and therapeutic relationship associated with being someone’s hairdresser.

Around twenty years ago, I had a very dear friend pass away. The experience prompted profound changes in me, seeking a deeper walk of faith in Christ. I began discipleship training under the leadership of Jack L. Larson, Restorative Director; Head of Curriculum Development at WDA (Worldwide Discipleship Association). I completed the developmental training, leadership training, as well as small group leadership training. After having completed the WDA curriculum and their advanced leadership training. I continued to volunteer assisting WDA in implementing their programs at various churches. Almost immediately, doors were opening for me to get involved in church ministry and missions. 

I accepted a leadership role with Zaccheus Ministries, and began working with kids, helping them to make good decisions and reach their potential. I led mission trips to Mexico to help teens develop positive character attributes, while building houses and churches in poor neighborhoods in that country. In 2005, I founded Mind Altering Love Ministry. The ministry was principled after Romans 12:2, “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind”, which resembles a cognitive approach to changing a person’s circumstances and learning more about God’s will for their life. This ministry’s outreach utilized art, music, and drama to develop relationships with people and to help children and adults experience God in a deeper way. I believe that art, music, and drama are powerful communication tools that convey strong messages and can be utilized to help facilitate healing and spiritual growth. It has become part of my focus as a counselor.

I made the decision to get a degree in theology. I attended Liberty University and in 2015 received a Bachelor of Science in Religion, where I graduated magna cum laude with top honors. My desire was to use the knowledge that I acquired to help people grow both personally and spiritually. I served as an associate pastor at a church in Lilburn, Georgia for three years in discipleship and outreach ministry. As well, I worked with the homeless in Little Five Points for 3 years with Intown Ministry’s IF Coffeehouse. In this time, I began to realize that the magnitude of people’s struggles and past pains needed more than simple words and messages from a pulpit. I really wanted to help people get the healing that they needed to overcome and have victory in their lives.

I enrolled in graduate school for a master’s degree in counseling so that I could have the competencies needed to assist people further in healing. I have been in my practicum and internship at Hope Springs Counseling since May of 2017, and I hope to be able to listen to people’s hearts and help guide them to the answers that they are seeking for their life. My prayer is that God will use me to help people establish hope, goals and be able to meet them, help bring support, healing, comfort and peace to their lives.