Hope Springs Counseling



Hope Springs is a harbor for the mind, body, and spirit. A place where one might find safe space to engage in activities that foster health and well-being.

As we progress through life, we accumulate responsibilities. As we do this, we often lose our sense of mindfulness regarding our own innate needs…the need for comfort, variety, significance, love, growth, contribution, and belonging. In essence, we then “lose ourselves”.

Hope Springs was created to help you find yourself again…or maybe discover who you are for the first time. After years of operating as a traditional mental health counseling practice, it became clear that true life change occurs best when we embrace simpler times…before the pressures of life, noise, and responsibility take over. True change occurs when we nurture our minds, our bodies, and our spirit simultaneously. This has been described by the Native American Indians as the “Right Way”. It means seeking balance physically, mentally, and spiritually, and embracing harmony.

Hope Springs exists to allow exploration of peace and simplicity. Through engagement in grounding activities, one may revitalize as the innate needs are understood and met. Then, one may truly find oneself and find balance and harmony.

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.




Hope Springs Mind, Body, Spirit

109 Davis Street

Monroe, Georgia 30655


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