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For years now, Hope Springs has functioned as a more “traditional” counseling practice in a restored, historic office space in downtown Monroe, Georgia.  Seeking the opportunity to offer clients many of the therapeutic activities that we typically recommend, we began exploring spaces that could allow for this dream to grow.  Recently, a beautiful, historic church building built in the early 1900’s became available as a step towards this vision.  The space lives out that which it fosters for its guests…the beauty of changing the original thought or feeling, and making it into something new.  Hope Springs now utilizes this sacred space for healing work of the mind, body, and spirit and to honor the long-standing tradition of transformation within it.

As Hope Springs Counseling, LLC has evolved into Hope Springs, Mind-Body-Spirit, this evolution was born out of the desire to allow for a more organic therapeutic experience.  An experience where a person has the freedom to choose their therapeutic space…whether walking through trails, sitting by the creek, or meeting in a traditional counseling space (perhaps joined by a therapy animal!).  

Hope Springs offers a “whole person” health experience with activities for the mind, body, and spirit.



Mind:  Ongoing special interest groups, workshops, and trainings.

Professional Counseling Services by licensed masters and Ph.D. level clinicians. Counseling services by supervised masters level interns.

Body:  Nutritional Coaching, Exercise groups, Aromatherapy

Spirit:  Musical Performances, Special Topic Discussion Groups, Listening Prayer, Grief Work, Drum Circle

All products used and sold at Hope Springs are sourced locally and are comprised of organic materials as well as DoTerra therapeutic grade essential oils.

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